Why This is The Year to Finally Get an Infrared Grill

July 19, 2022 2 min read

Why 2022 Is the Year To Finally Get an Infrared Grill

Need a new grill for the new year? You have lots of choices when it comes to grills. There are different looks, sizes, and brands. But firstly, you need to choose between a traditional grill or an infrared grill. Schwank Grill is here to tell you why this year is the year to finally get an infrared grill. Discover the benefits of these fast and effective grills below!


A huge perk of infrared grills is speed. On a traditional grill, cooking a steak can take up to 10 minutes (5 minutes on each side). With an infrared grill, you can cut that down to 1 to 2 minutes per side for less than 5 minutes total, halving the usual cooking time.

Radiant Heating

Infrared grills heat food using radiant heat, which cooks the food directly. Unlike the convection heating process, the radiant heating process doesn't disturb the food's moisture boundary. As a result, it results in juicier and more evenly cooked food.

High Heat

Infrared grills can get much hotter than traditional grills. The average traditional grill maxes out around 550°F, while infrared grills can get as hot as 1500°F. This extra heat has a few added benefits, namely a faster cooking time and the triggering of the Maillard Reaction. The Maillard Reaction is when the sugars and proteins in a food intermingle to create incredible new flavors, textures, and aromas.

Tastier Food

Speaking of a tastier, juicier meal, the high heat isn't the only way infrared grills make your food taste amazing. The Schwank Grill features a drip tray that collects a meat's juices as it cooks. You can fill this tray with butter, spices, and oil to enhance the flavor of your food. Using meat juices, spices, and condiments can take the flavor and juiciness of your food to the next level!

Even Heat Distribution

Another reason why this is the year to finally get an infrared grill is that it provides even heat distribution. Infrared grills reduce or eliminate flare-ups. That means that you can worry less about accidental fires or burns as you use them.


A massive advantage of the Schwank Grill is that it's portable. Our portable infrared grills feature side handles that make carrying them around a breeze. Bring yours to a party, out camping, or wherever else you feel like grilling up a storm.

If you're interested in purchasing an infrared grill, look to Schwank Grill. Our stainless steel grill can reach a whopping 1500°F and cooks food evenly and deliciously. This is the same tech that famous steakhouses like Morton's and Del Frisco's use. You can cook restaurant-quality steaks, fish, pizza, veggies, and more at home when you get one of our grills. Pick up your Schwank Grill and accessories today!

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