Reasons To Cook Your Steaks Using the Reverse Sear Method

July 19, 2022 2 min read

Reasons To Cook Your Steaks Using the Reverse Sear Method

There are dozens of ways to cook a steak. Pan seared, oven baked, grilled—you name it! One popular method is the searing method, which creates delicious, charcoal-flavored steaks that are hard to beat.

But what if we told you that there’s a way to enhance your sears? Reverse searing is a nonconventional searing method that many grillers don't know about. But it has numerous benefits that make it worth a try.

Want to learn more? Here's what you need to know about reverse searing plus some of our top reasons to cook your steak using the reverse sear method.

What's Reverse Searing?

Traditional searing involves tossing your meat on the grill immediately after thawing and seasoning. The difference between traditional searing and reverse searing? Just one small step! Instead of tossing your steaks on the grill posthaste, the reverse sear method recommends you heat them in a moderately warm (275° F) oven or on a smoker or charcoal grill before searing.

We recommend using reverse searing if you want to achieve something you can't do with the Schwank Grill alone. If you want a rich, charcoal flavor or are cooking low-and-slow food items, reverse sear before transferring your food to the grill.

What Makes It So Great?

Reverse searing is a quick, simple way to give your food an earthy charcoal flavor and get tender, juicy steak. While it's a limited use technique, it can greatly enhance the look, flavor, and aroma of your food in those limited situations.

Why Use the Schwank Grill for Reverse Searing?

After reverse searing, you need to toss your food onto the grill to complete the sear. We all know that using the right grill is essential to achieving a stellar sear!

The Schwank Grill ensures your reverse-seared food turns out beautifully. Here are a few reasons to cook your steak using the reverse sear method on our grill.

  • Same grilling technology used by top steakhouses like Morton's and Del Frisco’s. Create professional-quality steak from the comfort of home.
  • Grill your food fast. The Schwank Grill cooks food in a matter of minutes so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your meal.
  • The radiant heat technology our grill uses helps cook your steak more evenly. Fewer unsightly grey edges and more pink, juicy meat!
  • Our super hot grill creates the conditions necessary to trigger the Maillard Reaction, which adds mouthwatering taste and aroma to your dish.

Schwank Grill's 1500 degree grill will help you sear your food to perfection every time. Shop our portable grill and grill accessories today. Our innovative products will help take your grill game to the next level.

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