Guide to Grilling: Why Top Heating Is Effective

July 25, 2022 2 min read

Guide to Grilling: Why Top Heating Is Effective

Infrared grills come in two main heating formats: overhead and underneath. While both have their merits, overhead grills pull ahead of the competition thanks to their numerous perks. In this guide to grilling, we explain what overhead grills are and why top heating is so effective. Read on to learn more.

Overhead Grills vs. Underneath Grills

Just as the names imply, overhead grills emit heat from above, while underneath grills emit heat from below. The main difference between the two is that overhead grills heat your food directly, while underneath grills heat it indirectly.

When you grill your food, you place it on a grate or tray. An underneath grill heats this grate or tray, and the heat from the grate or tray transfers to the food, cooking it. Overhead grills, on the other hand, cook directly using radiant heat.

The Benefits of Overhead Grills

Between these two grills, top heating grills are generally more efficient. But why?

When you heat your food directly using an overhead grill, it cooks quicker. A faster cook time gives meats and other foods a nice, crispy exterior without overcooking the inside.

Overhead grills also solve a common problem with underneath grills: damage. When you use an underneath grill, meat juices drip onto the tile and ruin it over time. The Schwank overhead grill comes with a drip tray that juices can drip into instead. Not only does this translate into less damage to your grill—it also adds more flavor to your food. Mix butter, spices, or oil into the drip tray for wonderfully flavorful meat, veggies, and more.

Get an Overhead Grill Today

Overhead grills are the logical choice when it comes to infrared grilling. If you want to add an overhead grill to your grilling arsenal, why not give the Schwank Grill a try? Our infrared salamander broiler is the same technology that famous steakhouses like Morton's and Del Frisco's use, so you can count on its quality. As it’s capable of reaching temperatures up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, our grill has specs well beyond a traditional grill. For quicker cooking, tastier food, and a longer-lasting grill, make the switch to an overhead model today!

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